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So let's start with the very moment last week's update went live then. All went well, no one died and I successfully used my delegation skills to change a horrendously soiled nappy. Early start to drop the GF at work then straight to the chiro for what can only be described as a brutal, nay violent, adjustment.

Friends had a thing on for a couple of hours so we were called in to supervise. Give baby a bottle and place in cot, leave room quietly, put older two to bed, watch TV.

newglasses , So I recently just got glasses around a week ago and I have found it inevitable to have to use them for certain things like watching the TV, seeing the board at school and in general, seeing anything far away.

Sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up?

Of course it hasn't been all rainbows and lollipops though... #firstworldproblem Alright I vote for me to keep on talking about me.

Remember, you wear vision correction for YOUR benefit.

You do not need the approval of anyone else to see well.

It is a bit like changing your hair style or getting new clothes. i literally feel like i need them to see things on my computer too. As long as you wear them, you forget that you're wearing them!

Also remember that everyone you see, who wears vision correction, experienced the same anxiety about wearing glasses in front of parents, relatives, friends and associates. i also posted in "vision" cause i wasn't sure which thread was best so u can stay updated there too with my journey with glasses. Are you boy or girl, man or woman, what age, what place? I cannot imagine the need for a -3,25 correction without using this correction.

It is very likely that your Ciliary Muscles are very weak.

Normally, the Ciliary Muscles in your eyes are the strongest muscles in the body, for their very tiny size.

A Sphere prescription of -3.25 means that you have Myopia or "built in" 3.25 reading glasses.

If you also have some Cylinder (and Axis) (they always go together) in your glasses, the blur will start closer than the distances mentioned above.

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