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Lots of misses in my case, but also success: married and happy for 5 years." In the spirit of weighing the pros and cons, we have put together a bit of an informal debate.

Read the following points - seven for and seven against - and then vote on the most persuasive side.

For example, the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage owns and operates a small dam for tourism at Sherbrooke Village Museum, Potter said."Some of our dams provincially are owned by a multitude of departments, some of which don't have a lot of staff that would be familiar with maintaining dams.

Tim Wooden emailed us to explain it this way: "Looking on a web dating site is like shopping in the grocery store: lots of meat, some veggies and whole lot of processed stuff.

The week is nearly over, but that story is still generating the most comments on CBC's Science and Technology page.

Few of you were surprised that online dating has become the second most common way for couples to meet, and that the phenomenon has grown rapidly in popularity and social acceptance.

"All of the inspection and maintenance plans are all in place."What we're really doing here is establishing a level playing field across the whole province for all 50 or 60 dams and making sure that all of them have that same level of attention."I think it's probably safe to say that some of the smaller dams probably don't have all of the regular inspections and the emergency plans and the type of normal surveillance that you'd want to see on a dam."There is no provincial legislation or regulations in Nova Scotia specific to dams, unlike in some provinces.

The provincial Environment Act doesn't even mention dams, but it does refer to the Crown's right to authorize and regulate watercourse obstructions.

Nova Scotia’s Culture Action Plan: Creativity and Community will contribute to the well-being and prosperity of Nova Scotia’s diverse and creative communities through the promotion, development, preservation and celebration of the province’s culture, heritage, recreation, identity and languages.

The plan will guide government’s decision-making process, by providing actions, strategic priorities and criteria.

Frank Potter, a project director with the provincial lands agency, said there are safety plans for larger dams in case of trouble, but many others might not have one.

The Sydney River dam, which is owned and operated by Nova Scotia Lands, was inundated with water on Monday after a sudden spring storm.

In the lead up to Valentine's Day, the pursuit of love is on people's minds.

On Monday we reported on a comprehensive study of online dating.

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