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Only receivers known to receive DAB are listed on this page.

There may be certain conditions that need to be fulfilled, for example following a firmware upgrade.

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Your home is a breeding ground for clicks and splats.Available now for pre-order from online retailers such as Amazon - a new pocket DAB receiver from Pure that will work anywhere in Europe.The tech specs promise support for DAB, DAB and DMB-A in both Band III and L-band.This model also marks the debut of the latest Pure charge PAK device.Enter the M1 - a lithium ion device offering 1000m Ah, which amounts to about 14 hours of DAB listening.If you make a DAB receiver and it isn't here, or there is no link for your receiver for a particular country that may be because your website and your documentation, or the website of the seller, doesn't say it's DAB . Suggestion:- Why not make your receivers the same everywhere?Some of the radios on this page (the ones so marked) will also receive the system selected as the official standard for France. DMB, DMB-Radio, DMB-R, DMB-A and DMB-Audio are some of the technical ones.DAB/DAB and FM radio Band III only Telescopic antenna AC operation uses external power adaptor Battery operation requires 4 AA-type batteries Available in black or white Download the User Manual from the Bush Australia website.DAB and FM radio Band III only Telescopic antenna AC/DC operation AC socket for connection to mains Battery operation requires 6 type "C" batteries Download the User Manual from the Bush Australia website.For the D2 the firmware is v4.12 while for the D2 the version number is v4.60b. In Germany, the D2 DAB is available from internet retailers such as in a Black 4Gb version and in Silver 4Gb, 8Gb and 16Gb versions.Note that the D2 firmware is a beta version, though the Cowon website reports that the testing to date has shown this to be stable. DAB Ensembles Worldwide DAB Pocket Radios DAB Table Radios DAB Hi Fi DAB USB sticks Software-Defined Radio DAB Car Radios DAB Car Radio Adaptors Car DAB Antennae DAB Antennae DAB Parts & Accessories DRM & DRM Receivers IBOC Receivers Digital Radio Digital Television When comparing internet retailers, remember to include the cost of delivery in your calculations.

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