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You want to be with someone whose personality you enjoy, and if you wish to start a family, then you’ll also want to be with someone that shares the same values as you do.That said, it’s always a good idea to state your intentions early on in the relationship when dealing with a Colombian woman.This is a very powerful and extremely intoxicating alcoholic drink and although it’s made from sugar cane, it has a very pungent flavour that makes it almost taste like antiseptic, if you can imagine that.The interesting thing about the Aguardiente drink is that it’s actually considered to be the country’s national drink, which makes it widely available and most girls do drink it.We’ll teach you how to woo a Colombian girl’s heart with tips that we’ve sourced from a few experts on the topic. While tastes differ, it is often advised to refrain from basing a relationship on fleeting qualities like external beauty or sexiness, unless you’re just looking for something casual.However, if you want to win a Colombian woman’s heart –or any woman’s heart for that matter- then you should look at more significant qualities like her background and her personality.While most Colombian women are beautiful, compassionate and quick-witted, there are those who are also gold diggers, so you have to decide early on which of these two options is more attractive to you.

The trick to learning Salsa dancing fast is to just follow the beat of the song and keep your lady love close to your torso the whole time.Colombian women are greatly attracted to men who can dance, and she’ll be even more impressed if you can Salsa!This is a fairly simple dance that’s easy enough to learn when you’re young, but it might prove difficult to learn when you’re older, especially if you’re one those people with two left feet.On the other hand, Latin America Cupid is one of the biggest dating sites in Latin American, with over 3 million users, and it comes with interesting features like in-built translation tools, easy sign-up and detailed searches, as well as audio/ video and IM chat.Lastly, Badoo has a hip, fresh and young vibe, with an easy-to use interface and sign-up process, as well as the convenient Badoo user app.The quality of the woman you find in Colombia often depends on where you look.Dating websites can be misleading and while they contain all kinds of women, some of them prey on unsuspecting foreigners and are definitely not what they appear.While it’s okay to slip in a few colloquialisms like ‘Muy bonita! ’ it’s best to keep the chit-chat to an absolute minimum when you’re on the dance floor.Save the deep conversation about your awesome job or favourite hobbies for a formal dinner date setting, and just let loose and enjoy yourself in the meantime.That said, there are well-meaning, beautiful, self-made and intelligent women on these websites, and some of the best and most popular and legit Colombian dating sites to check out include Colombian Cupid, Latin America Cupid and Badoo.When you sign up for Colombian Cupid’s Premium membership, you’ll have access to its database of over 250 000 users, audio/ video chat capability, and a really user friendly interface.

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