Dating a sellers cabinet

Bargain John's carries beautiful oak cabinets from The Weis Furniture Company.You can find stacking cabinets, two drawer and four drawer cabinets in like-new condition.Many of them have a stamp and patent date inside the drawers.

Using these beautiful old file cabinets in your home or office can add a warm ambiance that modern cabinets don't have.

Metal cabinets were promoted as smart fire protection tools.

Prices at Past Present Future run from 0.00 for an as-is two drawer cabinet to 0.00 for a fully restored five drawer cabinet. Just be careful when buying from auction sites that you purchase from a seller with a high approval rating.

Antique file cabinets are an excellent way to dress up an office.

Modern day file cabinets can be ugly and industrial looking.

Another good online source for Shaw-Walker cabinets is Past Present Future.

This company sells American furniture made between the late 1800's and the mid 1970's.

An antique file cabinet can add both style and functionality to a business or home office.

The first file cabinets similar to the cabinets of today date back to the 1830s. Cabinet makers added a layer of insulation, often sawdust, inside the cabinets to make them fireproof.

The site also has cabinets from the Shaw-Walker Company, a well respected office furniture company based in Chicago in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Expect to pay anywhere from 5.00 for a Globe two-drawer cabinet up to 50.00 for a Weiss stacking cabinet.

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