Data bound textbox is not updating


In certain scenarios, this can result in unexpected data loss.A typical situation is as follows: Typically a Tool Bar or a Menu has its own logical focus scope, and therefore interacting with them does not remove logical focus from the Text Box. Item(0) textbox1 filled for the first time with value in sql table (suppose "abc" t2. All of the help offered here on Dani Web is the result of someone taking time out of their day to try and help out someone they do not know for absolutely nothing in return.

Text = "" End Sub so why the value of textbox1 is not changing even if I have changed it in the web form So... Are they Web Server controls, or just HTML "input" fields? If they aren't, then get the values out of the Response object. so how do you think the textbox value should be updated if it is a server control. Webserver control - textboxes get their text by a stored procedure call. The textbox is editable and the user can change the value 3. If these textboxes are dynamically created, via some server-side event procedure, then the controls need to be re-created, by you, in every code path that might need them and their values, prior to the Load Post Back Data stage, so that they can be properly bound. Thanks in advance When the user submits the form, the values from the form will be inside the Response object. Any static web controls, meaning, those controls that you built into the page via the Visual Studio toolbox/designer, are re-created, and the values from the Response object bound to them as part of the Load Post Back Data stage in the lifecycle.Lost Focus by carefully examining the WPF Focus Manager to determine the actual set of elements that currently have logical focus and only updating binding sources on those elements.It's also worth noting that this generic solution can be incorrect in certain binding scenarios.First, I'll implement a couple Dependency Object extension methods that make traversing the visual tree simpler: All that's needed at this point is to invoke the Update Binding Sources extension method on an appropriate Dependency Object (such as the top level Window) before submitting the data.This will ensure that the values in all binding targets have been pushed back to the binding sources.I hav a program with 2 textboxes in which I hav to display data fields from sql tables and insert values in to table through these 2 textboxes. Load 'Put user code to initialize the page here da. It comes across as rather pathetic that you would choose to complain about the form that it took.the program goes like this Dim ds As New Data Set Private Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As System. Fill(ds, "ramtable") Dim rno As Byte rno = 0 call filldata(rno) End Sub Private Sub filldata(By Val r1 As Byte) t1. I suppose just saying "Thanks, that helped." never crossed your mind. How are you preventing your step "1" from occuring when the user submits the form? Thus my original question, which you never answered and isn't displayed in your code: Also, examine your code-path.

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