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You want to have the right to not cook, clean , sex him, or do any of the traditional woman duties without being judged for it. Are we going to get rid of all gender roles and truly be equals when it comes to dating and relationships?

But, you still expect for doors to be held open for you, your dates to be paid for, your man to do all of the handywork, and for some of you, to be able to support you financially. Or are you ladies going to be honest and say that you want your cake and eat it. You never wanted to be equals when it came to relationships. Dena November 8, Equality is defined the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.

Markus sends you an arrogant notification insinuating that you're "giving up" on the dating scene.

This is a site I refuse to pay for entirely out of principle.

If you really wanted equality, you would also feel compelled to court a man. Why are we still considering women who financially provide for their able-bodied boyfriends or husbands idiots? Women do not want to be submissive to their husbands. Now there are some women who are defying the traditional gender roles in relationships and I applaud them. Some of you are reading this with your face twisted, full of disgust.

I am simply saying that if you want equality, then why is there such a big fuss about a woman courting a man? All this confirms to me is that you truly are not ready for relationship equality.

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