Core data error validating url for store

I'll leave it up to you to take a look at the UDA and the Workflow, since going through it here is probably super boring.But what I will provide is a screenshot of calling the User Defined Action.So to make it easier for us, we will give our Repeating Section a name like (My Repeating Section).The repeating section will have two Single Line of Text controls.

This exposed the encoded XML, which I then decoded as per your instructions in the other post. I did manage to get it working by using the "connected to" field in the Repeater, and outputting that to a plain text field in my list. I used the UDA you provided combined with the proposed solution to the safe looping caveat, and was able to get this running in a For Each in no time.

There could be multiple records in my repeating section, so I will get the UDA to return the internal XML document and also the number of internal Items.

then So now that we have the XML and the number of items, we can then use a Loop action to iterate through each item and retrieve the item control values.

This would save an employee from having to fill in the same form several times, and instead they just fill in the one form.

Although this is a great addition to Nintex Forms, there's no control in Share Point that can really handle this data nicely.

You need to be able to parse the data that is filled in and do something with it. A simple Nintex Form with a Repeating Section that is published to a List.

When a user fills in the form to create an item, they can fill in a number of records in the repeating section.

To make life easier, we will also give them names: To get the value of the repeating section from the XML, we can now use the following XPath expression: //My Repeating Section The value of this XML node is an encoded XML document.

So we need to decode it using a Build String action and an fn-Xml Decode inline function call.

Action Start Math operation 30/01/2013 Log in history list 30/01/2013 Query XML 30/01/2013 Math operation 30/01/2013 Log in history list 30/01/2013 Query XML 30/01/2013 Math operation 30/01/2013 Log in history list 30/01/2013 Query XML 30/01/2013 Loop 30/01/2013 Update item 30/01/2013 Log in history list 30/01/2013 Set variable 30/01/2013 Get Forms Repeating Section UDA 30/01/2013 ------------------------------------------------------------- 30/01/2013 Workflow Comment 3 30/01/2013 Workflow Comment frrrrr 30/01/2013 Workflow Comment fjffjfjfjfj 30/01/2013 Workflow Comment sgsgdsgsgs great Thanks Simon Hi Vadim: I got this working quite nicely, thank you much!

That being said, I have a situation where I need to do this for a hundred or more items.

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