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In 1565, Iasi became the capital of Moldavia and for a short period of time, from 1859 until 1862, the capital of Romania. Admission charge The Church of the Three Hierarchs (constructed 1637 - 1639) is highlighted as a must-see in every guidebook.

at the other, the Golden Plateau features churches and princely palaces on both sides of Stefan cel Mare si Sfant Boulevard, which runs right through its centre. Nothing can prepare you, though, for its stunning ornate decoration: the entire exterior of the church is covered in delicate and intricate patterns sculpted into the stone and spread over 30 friezes.

Built in the year one thousand four hundred thirty six as a village around one of the largest (for that time) monastery, the city was a part of the Country Moldova, which starting from the sixteenth century was under the suzerainty of the Turkish Emperor.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century it was a small city which numbered less than seven thousands of people, and only in 1812 by the time it was the war between Russians and Turkish people which lasted since 1806 for almost seven years, due to which the Eastern part of Moldova has became the part of the Russia, and Chisinau has become the capital of the newly built county called Bessarabia.

Iasi is the most important political, economic and cultural centre of the province of Moldavia as well as one of the oldest cities in Romania.

Located in the northeastern part of the country, Iasi was for many centuries the crossing point of the most important commercial routes linking Poland, Hungary, Russia and Constantinople.

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Many other important sites can be found on nearby streets. Free admission This remarkable construction (1906-1925), built in flamboyant neogothic style, stands partly on the ruins of a medieval royal court mentioned in documents dating from 1434. This "stone embroidery" is a mixture of western gothic, Renaissance and Oriental motifs.

Address: Piata Stefan cel Mare si Sfant 1 Open: Tue. Today, the 365-room palace houses the Gheorghe Asachi Library and four of the city's museums: the Moldavian History Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of Art and the Museum of Science and Technology . Legend has it that the exterior was covered in gold, silver and lapis lazuli but centuries ago, when the Ottoman Empire tried to conquer Moldavia, the invaders sat the church on fire and melted all the gold.

Deeply rooted in history, Iasi has been the main centre of Moldavian culture since 1408.

The city prides itself with publishing the first Romanian newspaper and establishing the first Romanian university. Over the past 500 years, history, culture and religious life have molded the city's unique character.

Its outer walls and twin towers are intricately carved in what many think of as stone lace.

Iasi is among the very few cities in the Orthodox world with more than 100 churches.

While being under the influence of the Russian Emperor there were implemented a variety of traditions and new holidays in the city.

The population of this city has grown from almost one hundred of thousands people in 1862 and the quantity of population has increased almost twice till the year 1900, as everyone wanted to relocate to the sunny Moldova where a variety of beautiful women were living.

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