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There’s actually no calibration of the unit, nor roll-down process for it.

It’s basically identical to the higher end Tacx NEO trainer in that regard.

All of those can be found later in this review in that comparison table section you see.

It’s the part of the post that looks like it had a Tinder date with Microsoft Excel.

If you forget to lock one (I mean, just a hypothetical, not saying that it happened or anything while filming one day – again, purely hypothetical), then it’ll simply slump forward when you get on the bike. Once all that’s done, it’s time to get it plugged in.

Typically you don’t get a cassette in there, but they included one just in case I didn’t have one handy. After removing the shelf (which also contains the feet seen above), you’ll see the trainer below: It’s easiest to just pick up the whole kit like a small dog and take it out of the box.

Once done, you’ll have this tidy little picture: Just to recap on the parts list, we’ll run through them all.

First up is the feet, which allow you to adjust height of the trainer above the ground by rotating the feet into different positions. Finally, the unit itself: Don’t worry, you’ll get a zillion shots of that trainer by the time this review is done.

Next we’ve got the power supply: Then there’s doohickies for the cassette and different axle standards. Following that we’ve got Elite’s software, if you so choose to use it. Lastly, while not in the box, I know folks will be looking for specs like max wattage and stuff.

However, companies like Wahoo simply include it already installed on their KICKR lineup, simplifying setup.

Beyond the cassette purchase, you’ll need tools – which will run you another - depending on where you source them.

The cassette itself will run you between -0 for a run of the mill Shimano Ultegra variant.

You can install any of the major cassette types (Shimano 9/10/11 speed, plus an adapter for campy), so this does give you flexibility.

The Drivo does require power, as it doesn’t have a built-in power curve or self-generation for unpowered use (only a handful of electronic trainers do; such as the Wahoo KICKR/KICKR2, Tacx NEO, and Tacx Bushido).

The power cord is dual voltage 120/240V, so it’ll work anywhere in the world.

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