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There are several very popular MOTW episodes that many fans – both old & new – still talk about frequently.4-27, 2004) and opens with Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and Locke (Terry O'Quinn) venturing into the hatch for the first time.There they discover Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick), whose job is to key a numeric sequence into a computer every 108 minutes., but I will hopefully be caught up by at Friday of this week [10/23/15].I suffer from chronic pain due to a back condition, and colder weather triggers it and makes it painful to do much of anything, including: Netflixing, cooking, and sleeping (three of my favorite things). fans) refers to the non-mythology cases that Mulder & Scully investigated involving all sorts of bizarre humanoids, supernatural events, paranormal maybe-activity, and even demonic entities.The survivors make their first sustained contact with passengers from Flight 815's tail section, led by a paranoid former L. cop named Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez) and including psychologist Libby (Cynthia Watros) and a Nigerian drug dealer named Mr. It's not a happy reunion: The Tailies capture Michael (Harold Perrineau), Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) because Ana Lucia thinks they belong to a mysterious and hostile group of islanders who come to be known as the Others.The misunderstanding is cleared up, but not before someone has a fatal encounter with Ana Lucia.More than a few of the best MOTW episodes in the following list were written by Vince Gilligan, who is best known to fans as the writer-creator of the critically-acclaimed television shows Saul, both filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico (city shout-out! He’s written some of the best episodes pf the series that range from hilarious to horrifying. Each episode below has a short synopsis and some have additional thoughts from yours truly (“The Host,” anyone? If you’ve never seen an episode or were never a follower of the series, you don’t have to worry about understanding the main alien mythology arc that comprises 80% of the show.As stand-alone episodes, the MOTW are great introductions to newer viewers to the show and to series stars Fox Mulder & Dana Scully (aka David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson). Many popular actors & actresses of today had roles on the X-Files at some point in their careers.With the trauma of the nightmarish crash still in their minds, the passengers have to put up with differences, hostility, predators and more. Some of the island's mysteries and dangers are revealed during the second season, which spans 23 days (Nov.

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