Autoupdatingcurrentlocale ios

It also has the benefit of keeping the interface (.h) file clear of clutter.

The corresponding instance variables are synthesized in the class implementation: This creates a default getter and setter for each ivar but we will create our own getter methods to allow the formatters to be configured the way we want them.

Consider for example a table view cell that uses both a number and date formatter: It would be wasteful to create new formatters each time we need to layout a cell.

A more efficient approach is to create them once in the view controller and cache the formatter objects in instance variables.

Note that since we are using ARC we do not need to worry about releasing these objects when the view controller is deallocated.

I recently posted about some of the common ways of using number formatters.

The SDK enables you to call AWS Lambda functions from your i OS mobile apps, using the AWSLambda Invoker class.

When invoked from this SDK, AWS Lambda functions receive data about the device and the end user identity through client and identity context objects.

If I change the region format (Settings Region Format) to French-France I might expect to see the following: Unfortunately as currently implemented the only way the table view will reflect the changed locale is if I force the application to restart.

You might not consider this to be a huge problem, after all how often does a user change the locale of their device?

Skip to the next section to see specific code and examples. This setting affects the language strings and images displayed by the operating system and in apps.

To determine the language being used in an app, get the first element of for Japanese, etc.

The actual cell layout is defined using a prototype table cell and storyboard.

There is one issue with caching the date and number formatters in this way.

The getter method for the date formatter which will show just the month and year could be written as follows: If the formatter does not already exist it will be created and stored in the ivar otherwise the existing object is returned.

Likewise to format the number with locale specific grouping and decimal separators we could write the getter for the number formatter as follows: The first time the code to format the table view cell accesses the formatters via the getter method they will be allocated and cached in the instance variables.

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