Antivirus antispyware protection definitions not updating

Security is one of the top selling features in Windows 10.Microsoft has done a lot of work to enhance the operating systems built in Antivirus utility, Windows Defender.The Notification Area icon and right-click context menu have also been restored, providing quick access for scanning drives, folders, and applications.A new modern settings interface makes it easy to modify and adjust Windows Defender functions; such as Realtime Protection and Cloud-based Protection.If it is determined Windows Defender detected a false positive, you can modify the behavior and restore the item. You can also perform offline security scans for hard to remove threats.Previously, this function required downloading the Windows Defender Offline Tool; check out our previous article for instructions how to use it.If you need to add an exclusion, you can do so from within the new settings interface.

If the status bar is green, then you are currently protected.

When you are ready to perform a scan, select the option that best suits you, then click Scan now.

When a threat is detected, Windows Defender will notify you of its existence.

Examples of this can be seen in areas such as the Windows Action Center.

Windows Defender will notify you when your definitions are out of date, which providing the option to update immediately.

So that’s a look at the new Windows Defender and how to use it.

Are you a fan of Windows Defender or do you prefer using a third party antivirus utility?

Even if your status is protected, you should still check for updated definitions.

Definitions are available through Windows Updates or within the Windows Defender interface; select the Update tab then click Update definitions.

Microsoft has also made improvements to how Windows Defender behaves with third party antivirus utilities.

Although it was initially designed as a fall back option when third party antivirus utility subscriptions expired or customers refused to renew a subscription; Microsoft has engineered Defender so that both can co-exist.

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