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Ivan programs set-top cable boxes for US and Russian televisions.

It's the second tech company he has worked for in Akademgorodok The main building of Akadempark lit up at night in the red, white and blue of the Russian tricolor.

You still meet people whose husbands went to work at Boeing and never came back." The president of the Russian arm of microprocessor firm Intel once said, "If you have something tough, give it to the Americans.

If you have something difficult, give it to the Indians.

If you have something impossible, give it to the Russians." In the 2000s, drawn by Russia's wealth of brilliant programmers, Intel and IBM set up offices in the town.

Sensing opportunity, Vladimir Putin promised to turn Akademgorodok into a technological hothouse.

The daycare and movie studio where he plays is inside the first building ever built in Akademgorodok, before the town’s official beginnings in 1957 "This was the big idea to revitalise the town and universities, to graft this tech incubator on top of the existing academies," explains Slater.

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One is an aspiring businessman, the other an engineer Feofil Zhuravel, a retired professor of mechanical physics, ice-fishes on the Novosibirsk Reservoir."On top of that is the biotech research, where there is real innovation.That's a hypercharged version of what they've done all along, with genetics and nuclear physics." Slater was eager to see how the community worked.This is Russia's answer to Silicon Valley, a place for coders and investors to come together and create ground-breaking tech start-ups.They call it Silicon Forest, and it's meant to replicate its Californian counterpart – only within the confines of a planned 1950s Soviet town next to a lake where they cut a hole in the ice when they want to go swimming."I'm from a college town so it was something I thought I'd understand, but in Russia it was significantly different and it was the look that really drew me in," he says of Akademgorodok's fascinating contrast between high-tech modernity and Soviet brutalism, all controlled by the state and covered in a thick layer of snow."I wanted to depict the character of the town." The start-up incubator occupies two modern, 13-storey towers linked by a bridge.I ended up taking a picture of him in the steam bath, as that's where we spent a lot of time. People don't shut down their lives because it's cold, but Russian talent is still largely attracted to Moscow and Saint Petersburg, so people who stay are Siberian at heart.Dozens of research institutes are situated on its territory as well as the presidium of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk State University and the Specialized Educational Scientific Center.They have to make a proposal, k and if they win they get to be part of the start-up incubator." Investors are invited to bridge any intellectual, financial or technological gap."The products they make are games and apps that people use in the US," says Slater.

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