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Season 2 continues to focus on the Dillon Panthers, as the pressures and challenges on and off the field have reached new highs after the team won the 2006 Texas 5A State Championship and lost head coach Eric Taylor to a coaching job at Texas Methodist University.

The season was produced by NBC Universal Television, Imagine Television, and Film 44, and was aired on NBC in the United States. Songs from Explosions in the Sky were also used throughout the season.

Writers included Katims, producers David Hudgins and Bridget Carpenter, consulting producers Kerry Ehrin, Patrick Massett, and John Zinman, supervising producers Carter Harris and Elizabeth Heldens, and Aaron Rahsaan Thomas. Regular directors throughout the season include Reiner, Jonas Pate, and David Boyd. Kyle Chandler portrayed Eric Taylor, head coach of the Dillon Panthers.Teegarden began appearing in commericals at the age of 10 and landed her role on “Friday Night Lights” several years later. My passion for acting and producing has just grown over the years.” Though many child stars struggle during their transition to adulthood, Teegarden’s time in the limelight has been scandal free.She said in the beginning, acting was just about imitating her icon, Lucille Ball. She credits her parents and her average upbringing with keeping her grounded.Julie refuses to help her mother, begins spending time with male co-worker "The Swede", and breaks up with Matt.Matt, upset over both the breakup and Coach Taylor's absence, faces even more challenges as a rift between himself and Smash emerges, and caring for his grandmother becomes a bigger struggle as her dementia slowly worsens.At the beginning of Season 2, Coach Taylor is living in Austin and coaching at Texas Methodist University as the new football season draws closer.With Taylor gone, coach Mc Gregor is butting heads with players and boosters, Smash's increased cockiness is angering his teammates, and the pressure to get back to the State Championship is increasing, and the Panthers slowly begin falling apart.She recently finished filming the horror film “Rings,” and she will start filming the new ABC series “Notorious” in July.She said now that she is older, she understands Hollywood a bit better.After losing the second game and seeing another physical confrontation between Smash and Matt, the boosters fire Mc Gregor and offer Taylor the position if he'll leave TMU.Taylor, seeing how bad things are at home with his family and former team, leaves TMU and returns to coach the Panthers.

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