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In nineteen minutes, you can bake scones or get a tooth filled by a dentist; you can fold laundry for a family of five.Nineteen minutes is how long it took the Tennessee Titans to sell out of tickets to the play-offs.Customers who require immediate assistance may contact the DHS Call Center at (202) 727-5355 or visit another DHS Service Center location.To view other DHS Service Center locations, click here. Domesticity wasn't Alex's strong point -- she didn't know how to make a pot roast but was proud to have memorized the phone numbers of every pizza place and Chinese restaurant in Sterling that offered free delivery. "I think I can do this without setting the house on fire."But Josie took the skillet out of her hands and laid the strips of bacon in it, like sailors bunking tightly together. She was caught up in a world far away from home, where at that very moment her daughter scraped the scrambled eggs from the skillet into the trash can without ever taking a single bite.Sometimes Josie thought of her life as a room with no doors and no windows.

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Sterling is an ordinary New Hampshire town where nothing ever happens--until the day its complacency is shattered by a school shooting.

Shouldn't a seventeen-year-old be able to take care of herself in the morning? Alex stared at her daughter -- the bitten half-moon fingernails, the freckle behind her ear, the zigzag part in her hair -- and saw instead the toddler who'd wait at the babysitter's window at sundown, because she knew that was when Alex came to get her.

Alex started pulling items out of the refrigerator: eggs, milk, bacon. "I've never worn pajamas to work," Alex admitted, "but I do sometimes close the door to chambers and take a nap on the floor."A slow, surprised smile played over Josie's face.

One third of adolescents have experienced physical, emotional, sexual, and/or verbal abuse by a dating partner.

The dynamics of power and control in a teen dating relationship can be just as dangerous as those found in an adult relationship.

Relationship violence can start early in a young person’s life.

Intimate partner violence affects teenagers and young adults (ages 16-24) more than any other age group.

Due to the age of the parties involved, teens may face barriers that prevent them from getting the support and resources they need to be safer in their relationships.

Being able to tell the difference between healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationships can be more difficult than you would think.

No two relationships are the same – what is unhealthy in one relationship may be abusive in the next.

On Wednesday, July 18, the Fort Davis DHS Service Center, located at 3851 Alabama Avenue, SE is closed for unscheduled facility repairs.

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