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Women and, interestingly, children are responsible to understand priesthood and patriarchal duties.All family members have a divine mandate to study, comprehend and strengthen this order. The Gospel enlightens and exalts while increasing stewardship and personal ability in both men and women. The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings to a person new capability, increased capacity.

” The greatest patriarchal father is God the Eternal Father. Christ came to the earth with nothing more than a commission from His Father, and left having done nothing less than fulfilling that command.President Smith continues: There is, then, a particular reason why men, women and children should understand this order and this authority in the households of the people of God, and seek to make it what God intended it to be, a qualification and preparation for the highest exaltation of his children.In the home the presiding authority is always vested in the father, and in all home affairs and family matters there is no other authority paramount.How can we rebuild this family, or better Celestial, organization?Can we return to their inspired instruction and example? During Christ’s ministry on earth, He constantly reiterated that His actions were entirely based on commands from His father. In our day the phrase “Patriarchal Order” provokes deep emotions, generally negative, to many members of the Church. For instance, in my home my Mother does very little household cleaning and cooking; and if it were up to my Father she would do nothing a child could learn to do for him or herself.To a growing number the Patriarchal Order is either something of the past that we have now finally moved beyond through further light and knowledge, or to others a skeleton in the closet—a disturbing mistake. We believe a mother should be more of a manager and less of a house maid.In 1969, during a period of unrest in America, a spirited dialogue occurred. For socialists and/or feminists, the home is the arch-enemy and must be destroyed.A gathering of female activists, with their leader, chanted the following exchange, as recorded by one of the participants: “Why are we here today? In the gospel of Jesus Christ, the home is meant to be modeled after, a type of, our Heavenly home.Perhaps a large majority of members today feel that this doctrine should never have been taught or practiced. This is in harmony with the principle of heaven that nothing should be done for someone that they can do for themselves.Should we still believe in and practice the Patriarchal Order? The adversary’s great strategy is converting solutions into the problem.

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